Surgiderm 18 for fine lines such as laughter lines around the eyes and the smoker lines or peri-oral lines above the top lip
Surgiderm 30 for treatment of deep lines and wrinkles and deep skin depressions.
Surgiderm 24 XP for medium to deep lines and wrinkles. Surgiderm 24 XP is also used for enhancing the border on the lips.
Surgiderm 30 XP for treatment of medium and deep skin depressions, nappage, enhancement of volume and can also be used for enhancing the border of the lips.
Surgilips for treatment of the peri-oral area: fills peri-oral wrinkles, redifining the contour of the lips and increasing the red volume of the lips.
Surgilift for meso lifting of the face, neck, decollete and back of hands
Surgiderm consists of a new range of hyaluronic acid-based implants which benefits from the new 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix cross-linking process.

New Surgiderm uses the latest patented technology to enable a more effective cross-linking process, where all the links are effective and thereby creating the 3D matrix structure. This new technology involves preventing cross-linking molecules from linking on only one side. By increasing cross-linking efficacy the gel’s stability is increased.

With this new 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix Technology puts the Surgiderm range into a class of its own. The series of new products which have been introduced include: Surgderm 18, Surgiderm 24XP, Surgiderm 30, Surgiderm 30XP for filling wrinkles, Surgilips for enhancing lips and also Surgilift for mesolifting.

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