Class 4 Laser Hair Removal


You Decide Where!

The most permanent and least painful form of hair removal available today.

For men as well

Typical Areas:

Facial hair
Under arms
Bikini line
Chest / Back


The centerpiece of the new MeDioStar XT is a high power diode laser. This proven technology of the well established MeDioStar HC model is also used for the XT. The laser power is monitored constantly through the contact-handpiece, thus ensuring an effective and reliable treatment. The MeDioStar XT stands for safe hair removal, especially for darker skin types. The high power of the laser allows larger spot-sizes, through which deeper hair follicles can be reached. The pulse length is adjustable over a wide range up to 500ms.
With laser hair removal the energy of the laser light is used to specifically hinder hair growth. In this respect the laser penetrates the upper layers of skin and transfers its energy to the hair; the energy is absorbed by the pigment melanin in the hair. The absorbed light energy is converted into heat and emitted.

The entire follicle area is damaged by the heat, with necrosis of the hair follicle taking place at a temperature of around 60°C.

The cooling in the laser system prevents the epidermis suffering coincident heat damage. After the treatment there may be some slight reddening of the skin, but this disappears of its own accord after a short period.

The efficacy of the treatment is influenced by the following factors:
  • Skin colour
  • Hair colour
  • Hair thickness
  • Depth of the hair in the skin

The diameter of a hair is typically somewhere between 0.03 and 1 mm. Hairs on the arm are thinner and lighter coloured, those in the bikini area somewhat

thicker and darker coloured. In general lighter-coloured hairs are more resistant to laser treatment. In these cases greater energy is required for epilation.

For the optimum and sustained removal of hair with the aid of a laser a number of individual treatments are generally necessary (as a rule 3 - 6 treatments). In addition to the factors mentioned above (skin and hair colour, hair thickness and depth), there is a further reason for the necessity for more than one treatment: Hairs constantly undergo various growth cycles. Only hairs in the growth phase may be removed on a sustained basis with the aid of lasers.

Temporary Epilation


Treading - A very popular method of hair removal amongst women from the East. This method is now becoming a popular favourite here with salons such as Selfridges offering it. Hair is removed gently and meticulously with thread, giving a very neat look, removing the tiniest hairs. It is much better option to waxing or plucking eyebrows. Also good for upper lips and facial hair. Especially recommeded for clients with sensitive skin, as unlike waxing, threading does not remove a layer of skin.


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