Colonic Irrigation

About Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapy
Colonic hydrotherapy is a therapy which gently cleanses the inside of the whole colon. Over the course of the session your colon will be filled and emptied of water many times. Each time this filling and emptying procedure is carried out, wastes, mucus and other contents of your colon will be eliminated - leaving you refreshed & your colon healthier.
Quite a lot of people know what an enema is - and it is interesting to note the difference between an enema and a colonic. An enema usually involves filling the rectum (the lower part of the colon) with water - and then eliminating the water down a toilet. An enema is certainly a good procedure - but a colonic is far more cleansing.
The reason is the equipment is specially designed to allow the repeated filling and emptying of the colon (compared to 1-2 fillings of the rectum with an enema). Also a special device is used, called a speculum (we use high quality disinfected disposable ones) that allows water to flow in the colon - and waste out - without you having to move, or any thing altered. This repeated washing allows the water to move much higher up in the colon - until the whole colon can be filled with water.
Our equipment is able to accurately control the temperature of the water - so it is comfortable for you - and it also filters and sterilises the water before it enters your body. The result is a clean hygienic, safe and odour free system - which means the whole experience is both enjoyable and healing for you.
Further, during later sessions of the treatment, we can offer you the possibility of using ozonated water in the system. This brings many of the benefits of ozone therapy to the colonic - including extra cleansing, temporary increased oxygenation of the body as well as stimulation of the immune system and antioxidant functioning.

It is recommended treatment is carried out initially for a series of 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis (or closer together if possible). A follow-up treatment can then be carried out some weeks later. Some people ask if the 'bowel flora' are affected by the treatment. The answer is to this question is both yes and no. Yes some of them will be washed out - but the majority live deep in the colon lining and will soon regenerate. We can also suggest supplements to assist with their regeneration.

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